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I Decided to update my old 90 deg design and more aptly name it.

The New    ~ 180 Degree Wind Indicator  ~

Click on the 180 Deg Links for some of the dimensions I am using to make this indicator.   The Parts List has also been updated to reflect some of the changes in size.
The concept is the same as my 90 deg design that is now 5 years old.
I just made it a little smaller while maintaining the 13" radius of the arc. The Idea behind making it smaller was to lower its wind resistance thus making it more stable in high wind conditions.

Lets Pause for a minute and look at the Links on the left.
All my Flags & Indicators have the same links above the double line.
Below these lines are links for the Flag or indicator you are building.

I am in the process of building one using this design. As I go along (find time) I will update this section with more pictures and building details.
In the mean time you could review the older webpage's that are under "Wind Indicator - 90 Deg" because the overall design concept has not changed.

Some of the Up-Dates:
•  More compact. (lower profile)
•  Make Rotating Union out of brass rod (or Alum)  instead of Tube Union
     (Wasted too many Tubing Unions due to drill run out)
•  Coraplast wind paddle instead of foam.
     (simplifies construction & more durable)
•  Uses only Aluminum, Brass or Stainless Steel (weather resistant)
•  Pendulum Stop (use bolt instead of channel extension)

Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or to get an update!