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Sometimes a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

These are some pictures that I took while making the center support "T". The sizes are not exactly to scale but I wanted to give people an Idea how this part was made.

Drilling the Channel In picture on the right I am trying to show how I drill both the 24 in. 1/4" channel and the 2 in piece of 3/8" channel at the same time so everything is centered.
I use a 1/4" drill and after drilling I just turn it over in the drill press vice to elongate the hole to 3/8".

I use small metal files to elongate the hole and every once in awhile I test fit the flattened end of the 3/8" aluminum rod that I will use for my center support.
A Tight fit of the center support rod and the channel cross-member is important because you do not want any wobble it the intersection that makes up this "T".
Below are a couple of pictures showing how the 1/4" and the 3/8" channel fit over the 3/8" rod that has been flattened on both sides for approximately 1 1/2" to 1/4" thickness & how it all goes together..
TestFit TestFit1

Below is a view from the top    &    On the right some Bits & Pieces you will need. Bits&Pieces TopView