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Lets Build It - I.E. Put it Together ~

I am in the process of building one using this design. As I go along (find time) I will update this section with more pictures and building details.

In the mean time you could review the older webpage's that are under "Wind Indicator - 90 Deg" because the overall design has not changed.

New 180 On the Right you will see my New 180 deg. The major change in this design over my original design is the use of coraplast for the paddle instead of Styrofoam.. When I put it outside at 25 yds I noticed the cross section of the paddle was hard to see at a glance. With some experimentation I found that a small piece of coraplast (about 6"x 1") would increase the cross section and at the same time create a little pointer.


On the Left is a picture the piece of coraplast that I used to increase the cross section.
I just slid the bottom onto the s/s rod that supports the paddle and the paddle slid into the notch I cut. It is firmly attached to the paddle with a couple dabs of hot glue.

Feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or to get an update!