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   So You Want to Try Building Your Own Wind Indicators!

Please bear with me as I rebuild this section of my website.
This could take awhile due to updates and the amount of time required.   I plan to use some of the older pages as I go with the hope I can update them at a later time.
90 deg 
On the Right you will see my original
90 deg Indicator. I have since up updated this design a little to a 180 Deg. This is a very accurate way to estimate a crosswind wind that is 25 deg either side of a 90 deg crosswind.
When the wind starts moving past the 25 degrees the spillage off the paddle reduces its accuracy. However the crosswind component becomes dramatically reduced at the same time.

190 deg indicator

On the left is my 360 deg Indicator. It's principal is based on my 90 deg design except it will rotate to align itself with the wind thus being accurate through 360 degrees of wind shift.
This Indicator is best suited if located in the first 25 to 30 yards. Past this it becomes a little more difficult to read in a head or tail wind situations.