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Flag  Farm
Wind Indicator  - 90 Deg
Wind Indicator  - 180 Deg
Wind Indicator - 360 Deg
Wick Style Wind Flags
Some Tools You will Need
Just Some Thoughts

Drill Press  (Lathe is Handy)
Good Drill Press Vise
Good Set of Drills
Tap and Dies No. 8 & 10 x 32 
            24 or 28 will work.
Hacksaw with fine blade
Small Rat Tail File
Small 1/2 Round file
Single Edge razor blades
600 grit wet or dry sandpaper for polishing parts.
Hot Glue Gun and/or Epoxy Glue

A disk Sander is handy for rounding ends of channel and putting flats on the aluminum rod..   (I am lazy in my old age.)
Note:  Do not use a Bench Grinder with aluminum!   The wheel could  shatter!!!!

I use a lathe to thread and polish the 5/32 S/S rod I use for the shaft that the flag rotates on.   I also use it to cut the grove for the retaining 'C' clip.  That being said A drill press will do just as good a job.

I also use a band saw to cut the Coraplast & Styrofoam,