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Range Layout:
I like to place one of my 360 deg Indicators at about 10 yards and 3 feet left of centerline and then I put one at 25 to 30 yards. I will adjust these distances depending on range wind peculiarities. (Beyond 30 yards readability is a problem) I will then space 3 of my Wick Style flags just a little right of centerline.
i.e. One at 10 yards, 25 and 40 yards.
I also put one of my 180 deg, Indicators at mid range on centerline.
Finally a Large Tall flag behind the target.

Wind Indicator Markings:
I have 3 Main markings on my Indicators. These are at 15, 30, & 45 Degrees. The 45 deg mark is the start of the Red Mark. I normally adjust my Indicator so that the RED pie is indicating around 8 – 9 MPH. Then I will create a Caution range that I mark with Yellow Tape starting at the 30 deg Mark. The 15 deg mark starts a Blue Tape line. Sometimes I put a piece of Green Tape at about 7 deg. With this setup anytime the wind is Green I hold on the Center. Touching the Blue and I will hold on the edge of the Ten Ring. This is were I plan to shoot whenever I can. If the wind starts to get close to the Yellow then I am holding on the Nine Ring. (Next to last resort.) (Based on near 90 Deg Wind)
One thing to always remember is that with any indicator the wind indication is not linear in reference to the wind velocity. For example there is a 5 mph wind and your indicator has swing 15 deg. If the wind increases to 10 mph your indicator might only move 10 more deg due to cross section & wind spillage over the paddle.

The above is only a guide to get you started!! Every Range, Rifle and Wind acts differently!

I paint a Red Wedge at 45 degrees on all my Indicators. Experience has taught me that when you get close to the 45 deg mark the indicator starts spilling too much wind and becomes unreliable. The rest of the Markings are tape that can be changed to suit individual shooters preferences. One thing to consider is do not put so many markings that your flags can not be read at a glance. Keep it simple and relative plain.  I have found that Dark Blue & Bright Red are the best colors to use in making Flags and marks on Indicators. They show up under almost all light conditions against any background. 
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