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Go No-Go Design: - - A Work in Progress

The left picture is the "Go" position and the right picture is the "No Go".
NoGo NoGo2

On the right is the my standard Wick Style flag with the Elevator (Red) attached to make it a Go No-Go flag.
This elevator is held on with two 1/4" metal rods that just slide into the holes in the coraplast. (dark shadow)

They are bent in the center at about a 20 deg angle.  This upward sweep provides a downward force that is relative to the wind velocity.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

    Five Years ago when I came up with my Go No-Go design I documented a lot of the build for a friend who wanted to make a couple. Below are some of the pictures I sent him. At that time my flags had a pin attached that rotated in a hole in my flag stands. Since then I have changed over to the standard Pin on flag stand arrangement so keep that in mind when looking at the drawings.
So in the picture below the Pin used for Horizontal Rotation is attached to the flag stand. The wood block could work but I have replaced it with a piece of aluminum with a hole drilled in it to accept my flag stand pins.

Old NoGo

This picture is to give you some idea of the Go and No-Go positions with the flag support rod in place.

In a no wind situation the flag actually tilts down a few degrees. Then when the wind starts the flag literal flies slowly titling up.
Once it reaches the set No-Go trip point it rapidly assumes the No-Go Position.

The Trip Point is adjusted by moving the Flag Support forward to increase or aft to decrease the wind velocity required to Trip the flag.
Once you understand the concept it is easy to set.

The construction of the pictured Go No-Go is actually quite simple to make if you have a Drill Press, Hacksaw and some small Metal Files.

All the material needed is available at Home Depot, Lowes or any good hardware store