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Wick Parts List
Some Tools You will Need

Just Some Thoughts

Parts List - Wick Style:

1. Coroplast: (Sign Plastic)
    a. 2 pieces 12" x 5"
    b. 1 piece 5" x 6"
    (Holes run the long length)
2. One 12" x 5/32" steel rod (Stainless is nice)
3. One 1 " x 3/8" aluminum or brass rod.
4. Two fishing swivels.
5. Surveyors Tape for pendants
6. Counter weight approximately 5 . to 7 oz.
    I have used big lead fishing weights,
    1" brass rod, heavy brass Fan Pull weights
    I even stuffed 3/4" copper tubing with lead shot
7. Spray Paint - Different color for each Outside Piece.
    Bright Red & Dark Blue (Leave inside white).
8. Misc. screws (Set Screws), bolts & nuts etc
9. Masking Tape--I really like the Blue Removable
    Painters tape for all my projects!

For the Go No-Go you will need all of the above plus
 One 3" long piece of 3/8" i.d. aluminum channel and Replace the 12" x 5/32" rod with one 18" long.