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  On the Left is my standard Wick Style Wind Flag with 60 deg. Prop. This picture will show you the color contrasts between the Red, Blue and the Black 45 deg. indicator set against the white coraplast.
The 60 Deg. Prop was designed to provide accurate wind velocity in two to 4 mph winds.

NoGo On the Right you will see my "Go No-Go" flag in the "No-Go" position. I normally position this flag out close to the target. It is adjusted to tip up (No-Go) when the wind reaches a velocity that I do not want to shoot.

The long point on the front is only needed for instant visibility and balance. I feel it is important to have your flags balanced as much as practicable.

General Thoughts on my Design:

My flags are larger than 'Wick's' flags. I compensated for the size increase by moving the flag back from the pivot point and moving my prop as close to the pivot point as possible. Thus my flags are heavy because of the balance weight but the larger tail coupled with this good balance gives them a great reaction time to wind shifts.
I made them larger because I felt Wicks were too small & Visibility was an overriding factor.
The bigger size along with the increased space between the sides with the markings at 45 deg. helps in determining direction at a glance.

Coloring also plays an important part of any flag design. Over the years we have experimented with many color combinations and have come up with Bright Red and Dark Blue. These two colors seem to provide the best contrasts against the various range backgrounds in any light situations