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I got interested in Rimfire Benchrest Competition during the Summer of 2000. I soon learned that having an accurate rifle and a 'steely eye' was not enough to win.
Being a Dumb Pilot I thought I knew all there was to know about ‘The Wind' . (Boy was I wrong ! )
I started going to as many matches as I could to shoot, watch, and ask questions in an effort to glean some tips and tricks from the pros. I have learned that I still have a lot to learn. In my quest I have run across a lot of good ideas and articles that I thought I would try and collect in one place for the purview of present and future shooters. I do not necessarily agree with everything you will find here. But there are some good thoughts and ideas for the Beginner all the way through to the Expert.
Look around and tell me what you think. ??

This web-site was not conceived as an attempt to steal anyone's intellectual property or plagiarize anyone’s work intentionally!. Just a vehicle to collect and disseminate information.

Please Contact me with Ideas and / or Articles!! This Is a 'Work in Progress'

July 2008

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