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   The Wind is Your Friend - DON'T BELIEVE IT!

• ...wind closest to the bench has a greater effect on accuracy than the wind closer to the target.

• ...the same wind...in the first 1/3 has of travel has more effect on the POI than the last 1/3.

• So a faster bullet needs thicker air to stabilize, and slower bullet needs thinner air

• A wind straight in from 12 o'clock or from 6 o'clock is unpredictable.

• …air, as you put it, imparts a force to the bullet that causes it to accelerate in the opposite direction from the force at any moment in time.

• … shoot ..Downhill... probably more protection against wind. I'd vote less wind.

• Generally speaking - the higher the D/A ( here in the NorthEast ) the higher the velocity required = to "push" it's way through the "thicker" air.

• Out of the muzzle the bullet rises and then falls to the target.

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