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My ideas are based on pure ballistics in the perfect wind model.
Wind is purely a moving mass of air.
A bullet moves WITH this mass as it travels through it.
A pure head wind or tail wind does not deflect the bullet - it only lengthens or shortens the 'time' it takes to arrive at the target. Thus the force of gravity has a longer or shorter time to act upon the bullet.
A 90 deg crosswind is again a moving mass so that as a bullet moves through it - it also moves WITH it. (The angular change is pretty much irrelevant.) So I feel it is a myth (in the perfect wind model) that the first 1/3 has of travel has more effect than the last 1/3. In fact the last 1/3 probably has more effect because the bullet is going slower at that point and is in the moving mass for a longer period time.

Another way to say it would be if the target moved in an EXACT correlation with the wind than the POI would only be effected by the rotational forces of the projectile and gravity.

What does all of the above have to do with shooting in the wind? Probably - NOT A LOT. Too many other Variables have a more profound effect!
But it is a Start towards understanding the phrase "Shooting The Conditions" (and not necessarily the wind)

That's My Story and I am Sticking to It,
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