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Wind Doping
Long Rifle Wind
Shoot The Wind
Bernoulli Effect
A Point to Ponder
According to Stump
Velocity Chart


When a change in the wind condition is detected, STOP: Don’t gamble. Either wait it out, or go back to the sighter.
The choice of what to do at this point is determined by many factors. How much time remains? It is merely a change in speed with no change in angle? Is it a totally new condition? If so, is it stable enough to make it worthwhile sighting in again? Can you recognize this new condition as easily and quickly as the one you started out with? If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the new condition, the best advice is to wait. In other words go back to Rule 1 and wait for a condition you like. It might not be the same one, but if you can identify it quickly, it will do the job.
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