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If you believe that the mere reading of this article will improve your scores, you are sadly mistaken.

Nothing in this article can, by itself, improve your shooting under adverse wind conditions. The only way to effect a consistent improvement in the wind is to utilize all the fundamentals and develop your own shooting strategy. All the doping tips or techniques that anyone can offer are worth very little compared to your own experience. In the final analysis, you are the best judge of the particular technique which suits your style of shooting.
The final advice is a lesson in psychology. How many times have I seen a shooter give up after firing a bad score in very tough wind conditions, and then watch his competitors fall by the wayside, one by one, in succeeding matches. How many times have I done it myself? The lesson is, when you think you’ve lost the aggregate –you’ve lost the aggregate! Many shooters psych themselves into thinking they must shoot a 20X possible everything they lie down. When they get clobbered by rough conditions, they become demoralized. The wind is your adversary, but to conquer it, you must first conquer yourself. The virtues of a champion are dedication and patience, but most of all patience. Your goal should be, that after each 20 shots, you should be able to say to yourself, “I fired the best score I was capable of under those conditions; if someone beats me, I’ll have to try a little harder next match.” Good luck and good shooting!
~ Tom Guerin ~  
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