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Some of my best targets were when I shot 'The Wind' and not the condition.
By this I mean I relied on my Flags and Indicators to tell me a POA.

This technique has its value on a windy day where the wind is constantly switching. You now have a chance to shoot three or more conditions without rushing or running out of time waiting for the condition you are dialed in for to come back.
You have to have your scope sighted in for a 'no wind' condition and believe your flags!  Another advantage of this is that you can shoot 'the switch' when the wind really gets bad.r />
More to come when I find the pictures!

What is the point of this narrative?
Practice in the wind!
Practice some more in the Wind!!
Develop an understanding of the Bernoulli Effect.
Practice reading the winds Velocity.
Understand that this is not a shooting technique in itself
but only a tool that can only help your performance when
"The Wind is Not Your Friend"
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