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Allo I can add is....once you have a GOOD condititon and MAYBE another back up,good,go with 'em...but when you been hummin' along knockin' the bull out and you're down to three-four shots left and you think "I got this now! I don't need no STINKING spotter on this row!"

Yes you do....and SLOW DOWN and think about this shot...shoot a spotter,you got 8-10 minutes left for only three-five shots! Hell, you can run a complete target in 8 minutes! Take a breath,take a sighter,and then concentrate on the last row/few shots...then you won't get to the last two shots,23 clean with two to go,touch the trigger just as you feel the wind let up off your face...for a stinkin' 7! See,if you'd shot that spotter...if youd waited for a stronger condition...if you'd listned to yo' mama and went to school....if a frog had wings...then you'd have won today instead of a stinking second place!!!

Then again...all that may mean squat...there's times/conditions when you can run a 250 in 8 minutes and never break a sweat! So what do you do?
Take up knitting?

Stump   "Stump"  3/5/05
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